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Hi my name is Gee. I moved around Brighton areas from rough areas of Cornwall back in November last year. I found Safehaven as an opportunity to get myself back on my feet and into the world again back at the end of July after struggling finding a place to settle to begin. Equal footings was mentioned to me by my key worker Justin and carpentry and joinery was something I’ve always wanted to pursue, however never been able to have the funding to pay college fees. I intend to make bespoke furniture for travelling vans! The idea sparked through a friend who was building the inside of their van themselves and wanting to travel myself. This would be a really handy set of skills to know and an  industry where I can earn enough money to afford to live alone with no support. Through equal footings I’ll finally be able to have the aid to do this and continue in my career!


I moved up to Brighton a Year ago.I would really like the opportunity to study something new, which is more practical and skills are transferable. I was unable to finish my GCSE due to moving to a completely new area. I am also interested in carpentry & Joinery as I enjoy being able to build things from scratch and find woodworking very rewarding. I would like to do an Apprenticeship in particular because it is a great chance to gain a qualification, expand my knowledge and further develop my CV. Having been unsuccessful at finding work in the last 8 Months, I am hoping to find something i can become good at and get back in to employment as i miss feeling purposeful and being able to take on new challenges.”