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Our clients know from our history of successful jury trials and frequent controversial hearings that we do not encourage our clients to settle their cases unless we believe we have achieved the best possible results for their particular situation. A girl from Georgia who grew up in rural northwestern Georgia. She studied law at Mercer University`s Walter F. Georgia School of Law, where she graduated magna laude. Grew up in nearby Jasper, Georgia. She now lives in Guangzhou with her husband and dog. Jenny received her Bachelor of Laws and Law degrees from Mercer University. Mr. Price graduated from the University of Alabama School of Law in 2007 and began his legal career as a criminal defense attorney in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. At Price Law Group, we understand how difficult it can be to navigate the complex court system while experiencing some of the worst emotional turbulence and anxieties of your life. Administrative law, adoption, spousal and spousal support, dispute resolution, animal bite Whether you need to manage your case in a highly competitive jury trial or simply ensure that a pre-trial settlement takes into account all of your individual goals and needs, we won`t back down until we consider all options to your satisfaction. Ms.

Moore is from North Atlanta. After graduating from law school in 2011, she focused on juvenile justice, where she represents children and supports families.

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