Nomura Company Values

Teamwork To build and “deliver together” our values, we promote diversity and collaboration between companies and geographies The symbol of Nomura Real Estate Group is “United N”, which represents our desire to value all our encounters and build a better future through our relationships with many people. While recalling the letter N, the initial of the Nomura Real Estate Group, the form that is not only the close link between the existence of the group and its characteristics. This symbol also expresses the important relationships we have with many groups such as customers, shareholders and business partners, as well as our commitment to be pacemakers in creating a new real estate business paradigm – regardless of conventions. At the same time, the symbol represents the new value we will create by combining the passion and skills of each person and company of Nomura Real Estate Group and their different values. The unique color, formed by the mixture of two shades, symbolizes our spirit of embodying a youth brimming with strong desire, high ideals and professional wisdom in all fields, striving to become a unique group of creative enterprises. In 1957, the company was founded with the mission of “making every effort to build a new city to solve the urgent problem of housing. This was founder Tokushichi Nomura`s final lesson on how best to give back to society. In 1959, a large number of Nomura Securities employees were transferred, a founding party of the company (pictured right) (pictured below) took place and has lasted for more than 60 years. It defines the guidelines of action that each employee must take in order to realize a business idea. Our corporate philosophy is the foundation of who we are as a company.

It defines our mission, describes our vision for achieving that mission, and clarifies the enduring values that underpin everything we do. Our company slogan captures the essence of this philosophy and the unwavering determination of our employees to uphold the principles embodied in it. Our Code of Conduct represents our commitment to the highest standards of integrity and to putting our core values into practice. Nomura Asset Management`s core mission is to provide professionally managed investment products that meet the diverse needs of our diverse client base. Our goal is to achieve the best possible investment return, supported by an exceptional level of client service. Our investment philosophy is based on the belief that capital markets are not fully efficient, and our goal is to identify stocks that are trading below their historical fair value by adopting a relative value approach combined with rigorous fundamental research. Bottom-up bias Much of the value we create comes from stock selection. We believe that a disciplined stock selection process allows us to find value in companies of all sizes, growth and dividend characteristics. Local teams Our investment process is structured to maximize our natural competitive advantages and relies heavily on the knowledge we gain from our local portfolio managers and research analysts. Today, approximately 70% of the research and analysis we rely on to make investment decisions is generated in-house. In our quest to create value for society, NRI Group continues to face business challenges and work to create the society of the future. Corporate Leadership With passion and courage, we continuously innovate to meet the needs of our stakeholders Nomura Asset Management aims to maximize the value of our clients` investments through our total commitment to highly professional research and portfolio management across a variety of asset classes and global markets.

We conduct all our business activities on the basis of the Code. We reflect on our actions to ensure they comply with the Code. We promise clients and other stakeholders that we will adhere to the highest ethical standards of integrity in accordance with the Code. Founded in 1925, Nomura builds on a tradition of disciplined entrepreneurship that serves clients with creative solutions and is considered a thought leader. The Code of Conduct sets out guidelines for directors, officers and employees of the Nomura Group to implement the Nomura Group`s corporate philosophy.

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