New York State Silly Laws

It turns out there are a lot more savage laws we couldn`t talk about, so we compiled a list of ten other bizarre laws that still exist in New York, according to Money Inc.`s article on the subject. Here is another piece of legislation that we think is worthwhile. It was enacted more than a century and a half ago and states that masks cannot be worn at public gatherings. With all the protesters and the problems people face when others are allowed to cover their faces, it makes sense to us that wearing a mask in public would be considered illegal. Then there are the other laws. These are often outdated, absurd and seem to have been introduced due to a single incident that probably dates back centuries. They were ratified anyway, and often most people even forget that they exist. While this is a list of crazy/strange laws, it`s another law that doesn`t stray out of line. The number “25” seems very accurate, but this amount of balloons could seriously harm wildlife and certainly counts as garbage. The law states: “No person shall knowingly throw a ball or intentionally throw it outside. For the purposes of this section, “balloon” means a flexible, non-porous bag made of materials such as rubber, latex, polychloroprene or nylon containing helium, hydrogen, nitrous oxide, oxygen, air or water. It is recommended that you reconsider the idea of gender disclosure party before you end up with a hefty fine! Living on Long Island is not only a privilege, but the people of Long Island must follow the rules if they want to enjoy our island.

We are of course part of New York State, so there are a lot of laws to follow. We did some research and found an article from Money Inc. that broke down some of these bizarre laws that are still in effect in the great state of New York. We looked at some of the most memorable, including laws on how to hold a hose in your lawn, how not to treat pigeons, and much, much more. The most interesting thing is that here in the United States, each state varies as much as each county or city. What is illegal in one place may not be illegal in another state. Believe it or not, every state has its own weird rules. Since we do not know where these laws come from, it is important to know that they exist. If you`re a resident of upstate New York, there`s a list of pretty crazy and weird laws that stand up in court.

It is very possible that you have already violated one or more of these laws, but do not worry. We`re not going to tell anyone. Be careful in the future! You must fulfill your civic duties as a resident of New York and act as a law-abiding citizen. Below is a list to make sure you don`t break another stupid law. You probably like to think of yourself as a law-abiding citizen. Who doesn`t? . But what if there are laws you don`t even know you`re breaking? New York has thousands of laws in its books that are no longer enforced, but are still laws. Everywhere, men break this law and the fashion police will get them at any time, won`t they? I mean, mismatched pants and jackets are such a crime. I don`t understand why so many men bother to go out in public like this; This is abhorrent and the death penalty should be considered.

The death of fashion, that is. Seriously, there are laws on fashion that are much more important than this and should be enforced. Like wearing the right size. So, if you think your last ticket was unfair and unjustified, check out some unknown laws you can get a ticket for or stop in New York State. You know the ones I`m talking about: laws prohibiting murder, drunk driving, parking in front of fire hydrants and so on are prudent and help maintain order in society. When someone breaks any of these laws, the usual reaction is, “Really?” Let`s be clear, in New York, you can get into hot water if you`re caught snacking in a residential neighborhood. Not only that, you can only drink bottled water on the beach? One can only guess what mindset we had to create this law, and the stupidity of anyone who did not question it. Okay, we have a real doozy here who says you can`t wear your bedroom slippers after 10pm. While some people think this is wrong, others actually believe that your smelly slippers will attract rats.

I love this law. As a lifelong Floridian, I haven`t dealt with cigarette smoke in public for as long as I can remember, and I hate going to states that allow it in public. It`s disgusting; And I don`t care how many people offend. But I will point out that people break this rule left and right in New York, and it seems almost impossible to find a place so far from a building. At second glance, I now see the point. We all understand a lot of basic laws that we need to follow to make our community a safe place, but on the other hand, there are some pretty strange and unique laws that we have to follow, as well as some pretty strange street names while driving. It`s not even illegal in New York to go topless in public as a woman unless you`re doing it for commercial purposes. The law states that it is not legal to promote any type of business in public while being topless. We assume this is a great way to eliminate things like prostitution, but maybe it would be another great way not to allow topless women in public.

But you know, the law is the law. Repealing laws is no small feat. In fact, some may say that it is much easier to create a law than to repeal it. Regardless, the fact that there are many, many old laws in books today that are obsolete today is important, meaning they have no bearing on how we live today. In fact, there are many laws today that were based solely on superstition and had nothing to do with facts. To give you an idea, let`s now take a look at some of the strangest laws in the books of the great state of New York. Here`s one for New York`s list of strange laws. For those who believe in lasting entertainment, putting a puppet on your hand and playing with it in your window seemed like a good replacement for the old Zenith TV.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. Do you know of any other strange or unique laws in Long Island and New York? Let us know and we`ll add them to this page! The law states that you are not allowed to dance unless a club has a cabaret license. Well, that`s not true. You can circumvent the law if fewer than three people are involved in this activity at the same time. There`s a chance the city doesn`t really follow this rule, and we`re curious to see how often it`s enforced. It seems to me that dancing would be the least big problem most people face when they are in a nightclub early in the morning. I wonder when someone was last convicted of breaking one of these laws? If so, I would like to talk to them. There is nothing that people like (or despise) more than a strange and completely random law. If we are completely honest, life is more fun.

Take, for example, my weekend with my husband in North Carolina, where it`s completely illegal to sing off-screen. Every time we sat in the car and a good song was played, I sang and felt like a rebel until the end, because I knew I couldn`t carry a melody to save my life. It really made us laugh hysterically because we knew we could be arrested for singing at any time and taken straight to jail.

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