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Appointments can be made at: Walk in Services has temporarily suspended the services of Michael Scanlon, a client-focused lawyer with over 25 years of experience in business and financial services. The Judge Advocate provides individuals and organizations with timely and targeted legal services in the areas of military justice, adverse administrative measures and ethics, civil, operational, environmental, labour and contract law. The judge advocate provides preventive justice and legal assistance. Estamos aqui para usted. Ofrecemos servicios legales con calidad al precio que usted puede pagar. We have helped people like you find solutions to their legal problems. Our Phoenix customers are very satisfied. When , we help our customers successfully resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is your testimonial quote. Use this section to share reviews about yourself, your services, or your business.

Inspire website visitors to take action with you! Do you have a compliance resource file on hand? We are ready to help. MP Legal Services, LLC is happy to assist you with compliance resource issues in the Phoenix area. We are proud to expand our legal experience to support clients of all types and sizes. For proxies, see to design a power of attorney worksheet. Once a ticket number has been generated, call your local legal department to make an appointment with that ticket number. Learn more about Michael`s experience in business and financial services. We serve a wide and diverse client base, including corporations, small businesses and individuals. If you would like to discuss any of our legal services, please contact us. At MSP Legal Services, we pride ourselves on providing a full range of legal services to private and commercial clients.

We offer specialized expertise in commercial law, residential property, commercial real estate, wills and estates, asset management and estates. View Michael`s monthly financial services report and sign up to receive the report by email. Walk-in services temporarily suspended. Office hours: Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. We are here for people like you. We offer affordable and accurate legal services in family and immigration law.

We provide legal information on various processes and help people prepare the necessary documents for each legal issue. There is a lot of misinformation about the law. MP Legal Services, LLC stay up to date on real information. Read these resources below to learn more about your case and understand the court process as much as possible. Go to to get the information you need in your immigration file. Go to for information about your family file, records and most forms used in the family process. There is a lot of misinformation about the law. MP Legal Services, LLC does justice to the real information.

Read these approved resources below to learn more about your case and learn as much as you can about the legal process. Go to to get the information you need in your immigration file. Go to to learn more about your family file, find mandatory records and forms used in the family process. At MSP Legal Services, we strive to provide our clients with the best professional legal advice. We are committed to providing personalized and cost-effective service focused on achieving the required results for our clients. Let MP Legal Services, LLC be the solution to your immigration and family needs. By combining a fundamental understanding of the big picture with the complexity of everyday interactions and experiences. Here is a solution you expect for immigration issues such as family petition, naturalization, DACA, waivers, status adjustment, etc. When it comes to family law, we can help you with divorce, child support, parental leave and custody. We develop a high quality of professional legal services.

Michael Scanlon founded his law firm to provide tailored legal services that help investment advisors, national banks and other financial services firms understand and comply with the ever-changing landscape of regulatory requirements. Thank you for visiting the MP Legal Services, LLC website. We intend to provide general information that should not be construed as legal advice at all. If you are seeking advice on a particular issue, you should consult a lawyer. We can refer you to a lawyer or help you find the one you need for your case. The JBSA law firm is closed every AETC day and holiday. The law firm may be closed on other days for training or special events. Ofrecemos servicios legales profesionales al alcance de todos The Legal Department provides legal advice on a wide range of disciplinary matters to the Squadron Commander as well as subordinate units and partner commands as part of the global mission. We enable commanders to maintain good order and discipline through the efficient and fair administration of military justice, from administrative measures to general courts martial.

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