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1. Date of birth of the child. 2. Mother`s maiden name. 3. Place of birth. This service refers to registration after one (1) year of birth. Provide information to the nearest District Registrar within three (3) months of the child`s birth to the nearest District Registrar. Late registration refers to three (3) months after birth, but before one (1) year. These certificates can be ordered and obtained from the Chancellor-General`s Department at the following address: (1) Civil Registry, Chancellor-General`s Department, Attorney General`s Office and Ministry of Legal Affairs, AGLA Tower, Government Plaza, corner of London & Richmond Street, Port of Spain. (2) 9 Leotaud Street, San Fernando. (3) 2nd Floor, Pennywise Building, #10-10A Devenish Street, Arima (4) Caribana Building, Bacolet Street, Scarborough, Tobago. Required documents: (1) Completed application form – available at the mentioned locations.

(2) For birth and/or death certificates, a form issued by the District Chancellor at the time of registration may be required. Photocopy of previous certificate issued by the Department of the Chancellor General. Minimum cost per child: $75.00. Costs include replacement of the birth certificate. This service is available by appointment, depending on your personal visit with your documents. Required documents: (1) Evidence to support the change in record, e.g. affidavit, baptismal certificate, vaccination certificate, Form 19. (2) Document that needs to be corrected. (3) Other relevant documents requested by the Secretary IV. Death information: 1.

Name of deceased. 2. Date of death. 3. Place of death. This is the registration after one year of death. Process: Check with the Chancellor`s Department`s Vital Registry, Attorney General`s Office and Ministry of Justice, AGLA Tower, Government Plaza, corner of London & Richmond Street, Port of Spain or the District Registrar closest to the place of death. $20.00 to the District Registrar. $50.00 at the Director`s office. Port of Spain: approx.

3 days. Tobago: About 7 days. Cost/fee: $100.00. Apply to the Registry Office, Attorney General`s Office and Department of Justice, AGLA Tower, Government Plaza, corner of London & Richmond Street, Port of Spain or Caribana Building, Bacolet Street Scarborough, Tobago. Seven days after the undated release, bans were issued. Cost/fee: $10.00. Approval for late registration of delivery (after three months). Register immediately with the district registrar closest to the place of death. Information required for marriage: 1. Names of parties. 2. Date of marriage.

Contact the registrar closest to the child`s place of birth. Need for up-to-date affidavits to support it. Delivery time: Civil Registry, Department of the Chancellor General, Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs (AGLA), Port of Spain – 5 working days. San Fernando and Arima – 10 working days. Tobago – 3 working days. Cost/Fee: $25.00 Customer Days: Monday – Sunday Operating hours: All reasonable hours. To apply for a special marriage certificate, both parties do not need to be residents of Trinidad and Tobago (i.e. they do not have their habitual residence in Trinidad and Tobago; and for citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, they must not have resided in Trinidad and Tobago for at least 3 years). The authority of the president waives the requirement for a person living abroad who intends to marry a resident/national to hang up his marriage messenger. Insertion of the father`s name on the birth certificate after birth registration Cost/Fee: $100.00 – Payable at the Box Office at the State Chief Counsel`s Office Tower C, International Waterfront Centre, 1A Wrightson Road Our aim is to provide essential services to the entire population in accordance with the laws of Trinidad and Tobago.

See the forms below:. We ensure that the administration of justice operates quickly, efficiently and efficiently, and that all people have adequate access to justice, regardless of their means. We ensure that the most important events on the island are recorded. Process: This service is available at the following offices, where forms are also available: Check with the civil registry office, general registry office, registrar or registrar closest to the child`s place of birth.

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