Is Homeschooling Legal in Sweden

This question is difficult to answer and it is at the heart of the legal debate in many countries around the world. Although there is no right to homeschooling as such, there is a tension between a freedom and a right behind the current debate on homeschooling. This begs the question: why declare homeschooling illegal? Homeschooling (called izobraĹževanje na domu in Slovenian) has been legal in Slovenia since 1996. [227] The Home Education Act has not been amended since. [228] [229] It is almost identical to the Montenegrin model of homeschooling. According to the Slovenian Ministry of Education, it was based on the Danish model of homeschooling. [228] In the Netherlands, homeschooling is not a recognized form of education and every child is subject to compulsory schooling from the age of five, with the exception of:[218][219] The Supreme Court ruled that homeschooling was constitutional, but this legislation was necessary. The state of Parana [11] and the Distrito Federal [12] have already legalized homeschooling. The state of Rio Grande do Sul passed a law legalizing homeschooling, but the state`s governor vetoed it. [125] Federal legislation is pending. [126] Homeschooling has not become as prevalent in South America as it is in the North American countries of Canada and the United States.

Brazil, however, is an exception. By 2021, there will be at least 35,000 homeschooled students. [127] Interest in homeschooling has increased by 36% each year. [128] However, homeschooling may be approved for certain reasons, but the country would not allow it for religious or philosophical reasons. In the United States, homeschooling is booming these days, especially after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the public education system. In the rest of the world, however, the situation is more complex than it seems. Homeschooling is only allowed under highly regulated conditions, but is increasingly becoming a popular option. Every child must be enrolled in a school (the school does not have to be a public school). The principal may, but is not obligated, to authorize home schooling of a particular child.

Usually, permission is just a formality and it is quite easy to get it. Homeschooled children must pass annual exams that cover curriculum materials, and failure to pass an exam automatically terminates homeschooling permission. Although it may seem difficult to teach at home in Poland, parents can choose a “homeschool-friendly” school where children and parents can receive support, where various excursions or meetings for homeschooled children can be arranged. [222] As of November 2020, 15,034 children were homeschooled in Poland (up from 10,976 in the 2019/20 school year), according to the Polish Ministry of Education. [223] Homeschooling is legal in Italy. It is called “Parental Istruzione”, which is the legal and formal term. “Educazione parentale” and “Istruzione Famigliare” are used by two different interest groups. [215] [216] Most often, parents involved in the practice informally refer to “homeschooling.” The legal status of the practice is based on the constitution, which states: “It is the duty and right of parents to support, educate and educate their children, even if they are born out of wedlock. In the event of the parents` incapacity, the law shall provide for the performance of their duties” (art. 30). Other regulations require parents to report annually to the authorities and parents to certify annually the technical and economic capacity to educate their children (Legislative Decree 297/1994). In addition, children must pass annual examinations, which are non-standard assessments (Legislative Decree 62/2017 and Ministerial Decree of 8 February 2021).

[217] Homeschooling is legal in the UK. Parents are required by law to ensure that their children receive “effective full-time education appropriate to their age, abilities and abilities, as well as.. meets their special educational needs, whether through regular school attendance or otherwise.” [250] Parents are not required to inform local authorities that they are homeschooling. [251] Conversely, there are a number of European countries where homeschooling is illegal. The Netherlands, Germany and Spain are among these countries, and Swedish homeschooling regulations are so strict that they are perceived as a de facto ban. No, homeschooling is not illegal in Sweden. However, certain requirements must be met before permission for homeschooling is granted. To be considered for a license, you must have your child take all compulsory school exams before and after a year of schooling.

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