Daad Scholarship Requirements for Masters

Depending on the scholarship program, additional selection criteria may be relevant, such as language skills. To find out what applies to your program, read the call for applications in the scholarship database (). Is it possible to apply for more than one program of study as part of a DAAD scholarship? These are just a few of the German DAAD universities that offer DAAD scholarships. There are various other programs and many courses. Further information can be found in the DAAD scholarship database. The deadline for applications for DAAD scholarships at most universities is often July 15 for the winter semester and January 15 for the summer semester. Requirements for DAAD funding vary, but the minimum requirement for all is Sophomore Standing. For scholarships – Master`s studies for all academic disciplines To complete a 2-year master`s degree in Germany, students can apply in the last year of university, and admission to a German university is not a requirement. University graduates can apply for this scholarship up to 6 years after graduation. Depending on the scholarship, scholarship or internship, German knowledge and research experience may be required. Detailed information on the conditions of participation, eligibility and application can be found on each funding page.

A printed version of this announcement (PDF) can be found in the other tabs (e.g., “Application Requirements”). As soon as you apply for the scholarships, they will be evaluated by the selection committees of the respective scholarship. Selection is usually influenced by the following: Yes, in such cases you can apply for additional benefits that individually complement the regular benefits of the scholarship. To do this, please contact the contact person responsible for the DAAD after the scholarship selection process. Note: It is not necessary to indicate your disability or chronic illness on the application form, but it can be useful, for example if your disability has had a negative influence on your studies or academic performance and this must be taken into account in the selection process. More information on international mobility is available at the following address. Both in Germany and in the rest of Europe, there are opportunities for internships and postgraduate activities. On the DAAD website you can find out more about the requirements and your chances of finding work in Germany after graduation. Not all programs require a general minimum language level for funding applications. Depending on the country of origin and the scholarship program, however, some language skills are to be expected.

You can find out what these requirements are in the “Application Requirements” section of the call for applications. Please read these requirements carefully to find out what applies to your program. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a performance-oriented funding body. There is a large amount of funding at different academic levels, and the number of applicants varies from fund to fund. A DAAD scholarship is surprisingly feasible for both national and international students who meet the requirements. The hard work comes from your bachelor`s degree and experience in this field. This means it takes dedication and preparation to receive a scholarship, and daad is no exception. Do your research, do the work and apply for the DAAD scholarship as soon as you are eligible. You never know what might come out of it.

Admission criteria may not be the same for all DAAD scholarships. Indian students waiting to study in Germany are entitled to about 25 DAAD scholarships. You can find out which language certificates you need when applying for a scholarship in the “Application procedure” section of the call for applications. The DAAD does not offer scholarships to students, but offers various internships at universities and research institutes in Germany. Further information on eligibility, award conditions and application procedures, including deadlines, is available www.daad.org. The DAAD FAQ page answers many frequently asked questions. DAAD offices in New York and San Francisco can answer further questions. IMPORTANT: Make sure you have a copy of each document of your application ready, as these documents (in the form of PDF files) must be uploaded to the DAAD portal if you are nominated for a DAAD scholarship! They are not eligible. Daad scholarships are only awarded to individuals who wish to participate in full-time studies with mandatory attendance. For scholarships in Germany, however, the following generally applies: When applying, you must prove your current knowledge of the language of instruction (German, English or German and English) in the study program you have chosen. This scholarship programme offers you the opportunity to continue your university studies in Germany with postgraduate studies.

Daad does not pay tuition fees for its fellows. Even as a scholarship holder, you should therefore check with the host university of your choice to find out if tuition fees are charged for your studies. While citizenship is not the most relevant eligibility criterion, DAAD funding is country-specific. For example, students or university graduates from U.S. and Canadian universities can apply for funding through the DAAD Office USA. The minimum requirement for any DAAD funding is at least junior status. Most scholarships and fellowships do not require any knowledge of German, but some language skills would be useful for coping with everyday life outside of university or the lab. One of the most popular funding programs is the DAAD Master`s Scholarship, which offers recipients a two-year grant to complete a comprehensive study program in Germany, in any field, in German or English.

Search the curriculum database to find all current programs of study in a wide variety of disciplines. Graduates of German universities have the opportunity to find work in one of the economically strongest countries in Europe with a rich history and a modern way of life. No matter where your path takes you after graduation, German degrees are internationally recognized, allowing you to return to your home country or explore the world further. Daad offers scholarship programs that are generally open to all subjects, although some restrictions apply to certain subjects (e.g.,

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