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If you contact 646-666-9601, you will be contacted by a lawyer in your area who is familiar with your state`s legislation, listens to your concerns, and can explain your future alternatives. Calls are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week! We invite you to contact our helpline at 646 666 9601 as soon as a legal problem develops and as often as necessary. Due to the large number of appeals, you may have to wait some time to speak to a lawyer. Our phone system has a reminder option that allows you to keep your location online and avoid being on hold while waiting to speak to a lawyer. Criminal Record Expunction Clinics Legal Aid of North Carolina`s Free Radiungement Clinic explains North Carolina`s Exhibition Act to help you determine if you are eligible to have one or more charges removed from your criminal record. You can also ask a volunteer lawyer general questions about a webinar. If you find that you are entitled to an expense during the clinic, you can request additional assistance from Legal Aid. No specific legal advice is offered at this clinic. Clinics are FREE and anyone can participate, but you must register in advance. Click here to register for a clinic near you. We found that people are often afraid of lawyers and what they charge for their services. There is a misconception about how much is expected of you to receive legal services from a law firm.

In fact, there is so much misinformation that most people don`t realize that in many cases it is possible to get free and inexpensive legal assistance. Jackie Grant is the president of the NC Bar Association, which began volunteering a year ago after seeing a national need. Like legal aid, there are income limits for the service. In Buncombe County and surrounding counties, Pisgah Legal Services provides free advice and representation to low-income individuals with civil (non-criminal) legal issues. “What I would recommend, however, is that you be as concise as possible and so direct so that the lawyer handling the matter can understand exactly how they can help you and what legal help you need,” Grant said. Legal Aid of North Carolina is a national organization that provides free civil legal services to eligible low-income individuals. The website describes the eligibility criteria and provides contact information for the 24 local offices across the state. The NC Lawyer Referral Service is managed by the North Carolina Bar Association. Contact the service to get the name of a lawyer who will offer half an hour of advice for up to $50 on the legal topic you specify. Call 1-800-662-7660 or submit an online request. “LawHelp helps low- and middle-income people find free legal aid programs in their community and get answers to questions about their legal rights.” Links to national and local legal aid programmes for the 50 states. of low-income families will experience at least one civil law problem per year.

We understand that you have a lot of questions after being injured in an accident, which is why we will put you in touch with a lawyer who can provide you with free legal advice in your case. Since 2020, the demand for our services has skyrocketed, demonstrating the urgent need for civilian representation in every city and municipality in North Carolina. Too often, injured people with real claims don`t seek the legal advice they need to get the compensation they deserve. They may believe that a lawyer would be expensive and that they will not be able to pay for it (or that they are simply not willing to do so). You don`t have to pay anything when you use our legal network until you are “compensated” by those who have hurt you! If you need more help with your legal issue, click the Find Legal Aid tab on the home page or search for your legal issue, and then click the Community Help link in the left pane. The website of this raleigh, North Carolina law firm offers a wide range of legal forms, articles, and other documents related to divorce, custody, alimony, alimony, distribution of property, domestic violence, and separation. With a holistic approach, Legal Aid of North Carolina provides free legal assistance when people need it most, as everyone deserves a lawyer when their home, health, or livelihood is at stake. However, at 646 666 9601, we connect the injured with lawyers who provide free legal services.

You can consult a lawyer in our network free of charge and get an initial review of the case outlining the “next steps”. If you decide to move forward, your lawyer won`t charge you anything in advance. Employee Rights Clinics Legal Aid of North Carolina`s Free Employee Rights Clinic will inform you of your rights as an employee under North Carolina law and federal law. Topics covered include unlimited employment, the right to work, discrimination, retaliation and unemployment benefits. They will give you an information package and you can ask general questions to a volunteer lawyer via webinar. No specific legal advice is offered at this clinic. Clinics are FREE and anyone can participate, but you must register in advance. Click here to register for a clinic near you. NC Lawyer Referral Service is a non-profit public service sponsored by the North Carolina Bar Association Foundation to help citizens who need legal assistance.

Child Custody Clinics Legal Aid of North Carolina`s free custody clinics teaches participants how to bring a custodial action in court without the help of a lawyer. Participants receive all the necessary legal forms and can ask general questions of the legal aid lawyers. (No specific legal advice for individual cases is offered at these clinics.) Clinics are FREE and anyone can participate, but you must register in advance. Click here to register for a clinic near you. There are many free legal advice services that are also available online, but we highly recommend that you take all online advice with a grain of salt. The law varies from state to state, and those who provide legal advice often have different opinions and may not even have the right to practice law. That being said, here are some of the most popular websites: When you call 1-800-ATTORNEY (1-800-288-6763), you`ll be put in touch with a lawyer in your area who is familiar with your state laws, is willing to listen to your concerns, and can explain options for you in the future. Calls are answered 24 hours a day! Legal Aid NC`s team of lawyers, paralegals, social workers, staff and volunteer volunteers are dedicated, hardworking and resourceful. But they can`t do it alone. They need you to be with them to increase their capacity for services and support. The ABA FindLawHelp.org is an information page with sections dedicated to topics such as hiring a lawyer and seeking free help. Make sure that equality of justice before the law is a right, not a privilege.

Support NC Legal Aid today. In Mecklenburg County and west-central North Carolina, Southern Foothills Legal Services provides free advice and representation to low-income individuals with issues such as utilities, immigration, consumer issues, and mortgage foreclosures. More than 70,000 people (including 30,000 children) have helped thousands of abuse victims, homeless families and others in crisis get the justice they deserve, with access to housing, education, health care, employment, security from abuse and other life-changing benefits. Free help to take out affordable health insurance in the health insurance market (HealthCare.gov). Read more: NC Navigator Consortium Whether your case is in personal injury law (e.g., a car accident), criminal law, business law, family law, etc., it`s always best to find a local lawyer who offers free consultations. “Volunteer lawyers go online and choose a question in their area of expertise, and they answer those questions online,” Grant explained. Anonymous Claire Morgan Craige Family Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation David A. Ball David Long Facebook Payments Inc.

G. Eugene Boyce, Sr. James E. Sheldon M. and Mrs. Kim R. Bauman Myles E. Standish RG/2 Claims Administration, LLC Rotary Club of Durham State Employees Combined Campaign Susan and John Gilbert The Tow Foundation TIAA Charitable Tish and Paul Szurek Trustmark Foundation Legal Aid of North Carolina provides free advice and representation to people with low incomes in North Carolina`s 100 counties.

Ask for help at the nearest North Carolina legal aid office, call the helpline at 1-866-219-5262 or apply online. N.C. Free Legal Answers covers more than 20 areas of civil law. The only exclusion is criminal law. The ABA`s public education website contains links to the following brochures: On the same website, there are question-and-answer sections on the following topics: In three-quarters of civil cases, a page is not represented by a lawyer. 15:30 – 19:30, Tuesday 9:00 – 13:00, Thursday This is the law is a series of free brochures published by the North Carolina Bar Association on the following topics: Angeion Group Baker & McKenzie LLP Bob Page Brian Conaghan Brian Hargrove Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy Fourteenth Judicial District Bar Greensboro Bar Association Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP Lawyers Mutual Monica Lavery Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP Rust Consulting Stewart v. Southwood Realty Company The Eirenikos Foundation Triangle Community Foundation, Inc. Wake County Bar Assoc. & Foundation Womble Bond Dickinson Stronger than ever with 500 employees and more than 25 offices across the state This provides a win-win situation for you, the injured plaintiff. Since the lawyer is only compensated if you “win”, he is obliged to get a victory on your side as soon as possible. In addition, they are encouraged to receive the highest possible amount of compensation, as their salary is allocated from this amount.

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